Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Fitbit made me fat!

Greetings from Greta!

No one has discovered that I am back online blogging yet, but I am still compelled to write.  😊

I weigh 236 today.  Down 17 pounds since August 14.  After a huge loss in week 1, the scale is coming down slow but steady.  I am eating three healthy and balanced low carb meals a day. Keeping in ketosis for the most part but not really following a true ketogenic diet because I am keeping the protein and fat moderate, not super high. By going to the gym and moving some weights the past couple of weeks, I have also managed to add back 3 pounds of the lean that I lost in the first couple weeks...which is good.  So, even tho the scale is moving slowly, it is mostly due to my composition slowly changing and responding to weights and increased movement.  Which is GOOD for the long term.

So, about the Fitbit.

In August 2015, I caved to some family and friend pressure and bought a Fitbit (pressure that I pretty much made up in my own head to justify buying one).  At that time, I weighed 236....up about 10 pounds since the prior year.  After being sub-200 for 18 months or so, the weight sorta started creeping back on in 2011 due mostly to bad food choices.  I hung in the 212 to 225 category for a year or two, then it creeped up to 235 between 2014 and 2015.  Dammit!  I swear that once someone weighs too much....the body is programmed to try to get BACK to that high weight.  It is like a new set point is created.  I don't like that!

ANYWAY. . . .I jumped on the Fitbit wagon with the hope of getting back to "onederland" (sub 200 weight), and guess what?  I gained 17 MORE pounds in 2 years.  Hahaha. Oops.  What the heck? Clearly, the Fitbit did NOT make me fatter, my choices and lifestyle did. But, why did it have the opposite effect that I wanted even though I was striving to get 10,000+ steps most days.  Three reasons, I suppose.

#1  Food
Food, as we all know, is the primary reason someone loses or gains weight.  Exercise helps.....but, it truly comes down primarily to food choices.  Grains and Sugars are NOT my friend. As much as I want to eat them and feel totally entitled to eat them because it is SO unfair that I cannot. . . . .it just never goes well for me.

#2  Weights
I stopped going to the gym on a regular basis, and when I did go, it was to walk or jog (to get steps)...instead of to lift  any weights or swing kettlebells.  Bad (for me).  I do best when I am lifting weights and doing cardio.

#3  Accountability/Control
The social aspect of Fitbit was fun in many ways...the challenges, seeing how much friends and family were walking, etc.  But, sometimes, it felt too invasive and made me feel too accountable (again, all created in my own head as no one was truly exerting any pressure over me!).  It became sort of stressful for me and I would rebel a bit and go off radar either by removing the band for a week or two or by choosing to NOT get the expected steps.  Silly.  I mean, truly silly.  But, these are the weird games I can play.

So, here I am back at 236.  The same weight I was when I first bought my Fitbit in August 2015.

Should I put on my Fitbit and start tracking steps again?  

I don't think I will.  Not yet.

I DO use the Fitbit scale and app still, and just started syncing it to the Spark People app so I could track calories for a few days just to see where I was....(I pretty much knew where I was with calories because I truly am an expert at losing weight...just a FAR better expert at gaining weight-haha).  And, as I suspected, I am eating between 1300-1400 calories a day and keeping carbs around 60-70 grams a day.  My own personal "sweet spot" of weight loss, so to speak, based on far too much experience.  I know that some can lose at higher calories than that, but I have a messed up metabolism due to an autoimmune thyroid condition (sucks).  And, I do know that as I get back on track lifting and re-build some of my muscle, my calories can go up a bit too. Muscle increases metabolism all day and all night long. A good payoff!

So, no Fitbit tracker for me for now.  I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and aim for "onerland" once again.  I know what to do.  It is simply now a matter of CHOOSING to keep doing it.  So far so good.  One damn day at a time.

My quest continues to get DONE with the weight loss phase of my life and on to the maintenance phase.  Especially now that I have crossed the line into my 50s, this is pretty darn important!

Till we meet again, Blogland!


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